Commenting guidelines

Version 2.0, Published: 2019-10-28

These commenting guidelines aims to create open and transparent debates as well as create possibilities to express wide arrays of opinions. 

In order to enable these debates to be as free in spirit and opinions as possible, Ifrågasätt encourages everyone to follow these commenting guidelines. Anyone who does not follow these commenting guidelines risks having their comments removed and their user account temporarily or permanently suspended. 

  • Make sure to keep your comments in line with the article’s topic
  • Reply to comments in good faith and be civil when expressing your opinions
  • Show respect to persons affected by the article
  • Avoid speculations and personal attacks/ad hominem arguments
  • Do not ridicule your opponents
  • Do not ascribe opinions to other people and do not put words in your opponents’ mouths
  • Support your arguments with facts and references
  • Write your comments in the same language as the article, so everyone who is able to read the article is also able to read the comments.

Comments which do not abide by these guidelines will be removed. Hate, threats and other illegal acts are never accepted. Users who grossly or repeatedly breaks the rules or by other means try to obstruct the creation of constructive debates will see their accounts suspended by Ifrågasätt.

On sensitive topics, for example those covering specific individuals or young persons, comments will be judged with extra careful scrutiny.

Please note that you are legally responsible for all comments written by you on the platform. 

Please note that the Membership Terms and Conditions also includes guidelines regarding comments.

If you have questions regarding moderation, this policy or need to get in contact with our moderators, you can contact us at